HANDXEN LED PAR-36 6000K White GE 4509 REPLACEMENT SPOT BEAM (Landing Light )

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LED PAR36 replacement bulb. Fits all brands that use the 4.5” Round PAR36 lamp, tractors, combines, aviation airplane* and more. Bulb type: 4044, 4350, 4405, 4406, 4411, 4414, 4415, 4416, 4422, 4446, 4505, 4509, 4510, 4515, etc.

*Note: This lamp is intended for use in experimental aircraft only. Please consider before your purchase.

Total LEDS: 6 pcs 3W High Power CREE LED Chips
Power: 18W (110W Halogen Equivalent)
Color: 6000K White 
AMP Draws: 1.0A/14.0VDC , 0.5A/28.0VDC

Work Voltage: DC 10V - 30V 

Candlepower: 98,000
Lumin: 2100LM 
Beam Type: Spot (20°)
Drop-in replacement for PAR36 lamps
Life Span: 10,000 hours
Base Type: GE7604/4509
Application: Tractors, Combines, Snowblowers, Aircraft Landing light replacement.

1 X PAR36 Spot Lamp


4416 14V PAR36 YES
4505 28V PAR36 YES
4509 14V PAR36 YES
4587 28V PAR36 YES
4591 28V PAR36 YES
4593 28V PAR36 YES
4594 28V PAR36 YES
4595 14V PAR36 YES
4596 28V PAR36 YES
4623 28V PAR36 YES
4626 28V PAR36 YES
4627 28V PAR36 YES
Q4631 14V PAR36 YES
Q4632 14V PAR36 YES