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Posted by WuBen on

"Well constructed; 14W; Excellent Output Regulation. 6100K/75CRI. Thanks!"
"Very pleased with the product and the seller (seller indicated as "HANDXEN" for this purchase).Received the order in just over two weeks, earlier than promised.Construction quality seems good and all holes/gaps are sealed with a flexible adhesive seal.My unit arrived with a very flexible 12" pigtail marked "<VDE> 2x0.5mm^2 300°C 3KV" - this corresponds to about 20AWG which is more than adequate for the 1 to 2A loads expected.Light output regulation is very good - no visible variation in brightness from 7.3V to 13.75V, which is the range I tested.Power is essentially constant at 14W across the voltage range I tested.Color temperature is ~6100K with reasonable consistency across the beam. CRI is 75.I don't have an integrating sphere, but it is quite bright. Easily over 1000lm.Great value for this item!"
This is the 1st review with pictures. Thank you so much.

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