Important PAR36 Dimensional Information

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A PAR36 bulb dimension is 36 eighths of an inch (36 x 1/8") or nominally 4.5" in diameter. Below is a chart for PAR bulb dimensions. Please note that some "tractors" use the LARGER PAR46 bulb.
Please confirm the diameter of your existing bulb to be sure it is indeed a PAR36 format. If you know the existing Bulb PN that your tractor uses (for example GE 4509), you can Google the PN to find a site that will give you the dimensions of your bulb.
The PAR36 LED bulbs are a dimensional drop in fit for these amp sucking, relatively low service life incandescent bulbs : 4509, Q4631, 4313, 4502, H7604, 4627, 4626, 4589, 4593, 4591, 4594, 4713, 4587, and 4505.
Click here for a list of popular bulb PNs where they list the PAR size. Once again, PAR36 Bulbs are about 4.5" in diameter.
The PAR36 LED bulb offered here will NOT fit the nose gear leg mounting bracket of tractors. There is simply not enough clearance at the back of the bracket for the depth of the bulb housing!
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